Looking for our 2011 Moustache-a-thon?

Click here to sign yourself up for a sensational city-wide competition in which you grow, craft, animate or balloon yourself a hairy upper lip in support of 826 Boston’s free youth writing programs.

Why? So that you can enjoy fantastic sponsored events around the city, meet new people, and justify the growth of your otherwise timid upper lip hair. Our 2010 Moustache-a-thon featured Ronald Reagan, The Champion’s Cape, moustache cookies, a 2-minute moustache talent show, and 80 participants festooned with handlebars and pencil-thins who raised over $25,000 for 826 Boston. Sign up!

Located in Roxbury’s Egleston Square, 826 Boston teaches creative and expository writing to students age 6 to 18, and helps teachers inspire their students to write. In 2009, 826 Boston published student writing in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and in numerous books like 2% of 2% of All the World’s Stories. This year 826 Boston’s free writing and tutoring programs will reach over 2,000 students and provide more than 7,500 hours of one-on-one support. Please help support 826 Boston’s growing community of young writers.